5 beauty practices you need to follow

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5 beauty practices you need to follow

Posted on: January 25th, 2018

Whether you’re a beauty guru or complete novice, we’re all guilty of slacking on our beauty regimen. The thing about your beauty routine is that it needs to be just that – routine. Changes in your skin and appearance don’t happen overnight; they take time to appear if you follow a habitual routine and good habits. Now is the time to implement these 5 simple beauty practices so you can look and feel your very best.


SPF: We all know it’s true that SPF is super important, right? You’ve graduated from the days of your mom slathering Coppertone on every inch of your body; you’ve made it through the baby oil and tanning bed days (thank GOD), but now what? Regardless of the weather, you need to be wearing an SPF lotion or makeup product on your face every day to protect your skin from age and sun spots and wrinkles, not to mention disease. Choose a light-weight formula that can be easily applied under your makeup, and let it soak in while you brush your teeth and get dressed, before applying your makeup.


Don’t overbuy products: Raise your hand if you have a handful of beauty products you never use. Now raise your hand if you have a whole drawer. Yup, we thought so. Instead of getting sucked into pretty packaging every time you hit the makeup aisle, take careful inventory of the products you already have before buying more. Toss products you never use instead of hoarding them; they’re just taking up prime real estate in your makeup arsenal, I don’t care how much you spent! Which leads to…


Check expiration dates: Gasp, that’s right, beauty products and cosmetics have expiration dates. Use this Cosmetic Calculator to check your products’ shelf lives. According to the website, “Cosmetic products which shelf life is less than 30 months must be marked with ‘Best before’ date according to common regulations in the most of the countries. Such products can no longer meet safety requirements as soon as expiry date has been passed.”


Kick bad habits: Hopefully we don’t even have to say it, but no, no, NO smoking. Okay, glad that’s out of the way. In that same vein, drinking too much alcohol, especially sugary drinks, wreaks havoc on your skin. Make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep every night, drink plenty of water daily, and keep your hands off your face (no, seriously, don’t even think about it). Finally, no matter how tired you feel, stick to your nightly skin routine, or at the very least, wash your face.


No excuses: We get it – excuses are easy. Sometimes we really just are that tired to wash our face; that pimple is just that tempting to pop; the wine is just too good to stop at two glasses. But by making a true commitment to your skin by sticking to a routine, your current and future self will thank you.

Easy Makeup Tips for Summer Travel

Posted on: June 28th, 2017

When you’re packing for a summer trip, choosing your makeup can be just as important as choosing your clothes. If you pack too many clothes, you might run out of room. If you pack too much makeup, you might create a big mess in your bag. If you pack right, it’s possible to create a great summer look without taking up too much space in your bag. Here are some things you can do to bring the summer makeup look with you on the go!
Woman smiling while holding a bag at the beach

Start with the Bag

The first step to travelling with makeup is to choose the right bag. When choosing a bag for travelling, start looking for these features:

  • Size. Decide what size of makeup bag fits your needs. A small bag works great for an overnight bag, but a bigger bag might be easier to use when going on a longer trip. Figure out how much makeup you want to bring and buy a bag that fits that much makeup (and probably a little more).
  • Closure. When traveling, it’s important to have a way to close your makeup bag without the risk of it breaking open and spilling foundation all over your new, white shirt. Some bags come with clasps, while others have magnets. Zippers are a great way to make sure that your makeup bag stays closed.
  • Lining. Some bags come with a waterproof lining for easy cleanup in case of a spill. If a lot of your makeup is liquid, a waterproof lining will make your life easier in the long run.
  • Compartments. If you’re someone who likes to stay organized, a bag with compartments or different pockets might work best for you. Your makeup is sure to get jostled while in your bag, so compartments are a great way to keep your makeup in place.

Polka dot cosmetic bag with cosmetics spilling out.

Simplify Your Routine

When travelling, don’t expect the time or the need to do the full face routine. Skip some of the contouring and go for a more natural look. Chances are, the makeup you choose will get damaged while travelling, so choose products that are less expensive than what you usually use. If you can, find products that are all-in-one, such as an eyeshadow that works as blush or lip balm, too.

How to Pack

You don’t want to open your bag and find your eye shadow plastered throughout the bag. Wrap clothes around your makeup bag to act as a cushion for the bag to lower the risk of your powder makeup breaking. Here are some other things you should consider when choosing what makeup to bring:


Foundation can be one of the more expensive products in your makeup collection. If you aren’t going to be gone long, choose a cheaper foundation for travelling. If travelling on a plane, a powder foundation does not have to be stored with your other liquids, which makes it more convenient. If you need a more convenient travel size, try putting liquid foundation in a contacts case.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is one of the easiest things to overpack. Only choose 2-4 color palettes and leave the rest at home. Make sure to choose colors that go well with the outfits you pack!


Mascara is one of the easiest parts of your makeup routine to travel with. When choosing what mascara to bring, make sure to go for a waterproof mascara so it doesn’t smear while you’re sweating in the hot sun.


Whether you choose a pencil eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, make sure the lid stays on and secure. Much like the mascara, try to choose an eyeliner that is smudge-proof to prevent the eyeliner from rubbing off the eyelid during the day.


Want the vibrant red lips for your summer look? Go for it. Lipstick does not count as a liquid, so if choosing air travel, lipstick can be packed on your carry on. If you’re planning on staying out in the sun, make sure to bring a moisturizing lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the sun.

Makeup Remover

Skip the bottles of product. When travelling, use facial wipes to remove makeup while on the go. Not only do they successfully remove your makeup, they also don’t spill.

Travelling with makeup doesn’t have to be hard or messy. With the right tools, you can achieve a beautiful, yet natural look, while on the go. If you want to find out more about what makeup tools to use, check out our cosmetology program!

Tips for Working With Brides

Posted on: May 5th, 2017

Weddings are a life changing experience. It is a day that is looked forward to by little girls and boys from the moment they know what a wedding is. They play dress-up and dream about the tiny details from the the shoes to the dress. Every aspect is planned out. As a hairstylist it could be your job to make sure that one of the most important aspects is in place: the hair.
Working with brides can be some of the most trying, but rewarding, work a hairstylist can do. If you are heading into this competitive marketplace here are some tips to not only help make the work easier, but to work with brides on their best and worst days.

  • Trial Fun!

    Bridal hair tipsAbout a month before the big day you are going to want to sit down with your bride and talk about what her visions are for her look, and most importantly plan any sorts of dye jobs and cuts that will be needed before hand. Try a style or two until you find one your bride loves, but don’t forget to time yourself so you know how much time to plan on the big day.

  • It’s All in the Details

    Bridal hair tipsSpeaking of that trial run, make sure your bride brings any accessories with her that she will be using. From clips to veils, you will need it all, as what will be used is going to impact your style, and how it will look. In addition, ask your bride to bring a white blouse with her as it will help her (and you) to envision how things will look on the day.

  • Work Out The Fine Print

    Once you have settled on the brides’ perfect style, it’s time to work out those wedding day plans. Determine if she is coming to you, or you to her. Are you doing just her hair, or the entire wedding party’s? All of this is important and needs to be hammered out so as to avoid bumps in the road.

  • Prepare For The Hurricane

    Bridal hair tips

  • The day is here! While you have planned and prepped, you still need to be prepared for anything to arise, from not having enough bobby pins, to needing to re-plan the entire do on the fly. Pack extras and emergency supplies to ensure you are ready for anything that comes up. Hair might not be the only thing that is falling apart, however,
  • Care For Your Bride

    Bridal hair tipsNo matter how much planning goes into a wedding, they are stressful, and having a bride that is a little frayed at the seams is to be expected. Outbursts, tears, and even some screaming is a possibility, but remember not to take things personally. It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile either and bring a little something, like a small gift or relaxing music, to help ease the tension.

Get ready to spend amazing days with some amazing people as you witness lives changing and growing. Wedding season is here, and with a few bobby pins and a lot of hairspray you can make it amazing for a blushing bride near you.



If you are a bride looking for a gorgeous style, consider scheduling a consultation with one of our amazing students.

Get Ready For Beauty School! Everything You Need to Know.

Posted on: March 24th, 2017

Welcome to beauty school!
You are finally here, after years of dreaming and wishing and planning. After hours, if not days, of researching local beauty schools, and going on multiple tours, and sneaking in for shampoos and blowouts in the student salons – you are ready to enroll. You are ready to start this next step in this amazing journey and begin the path toward the career you have chosen.
But what do you do now? And more importantly – what do you need to do to get ready? Don’t worry. While it may seem overwhelming to start – it’s much simpler than you think.
We’ve got your back.


apply for beauty school
If you haven’t already, this is the first step to beginning this journey. Beyond tours and deciding on which school to attend; you have to apply, and part of that is knowing the process towards acceptance.
Each school is different, and sometimes it can be as easy as having a high school diploma or GED. Here at Educators of Beauty our enrollment process is a little bit more involved, with a required interview and simple knowledge test. Knowing this process and the required documentation that goes along with it can make this entire process go smoothly and get your from interested to accepted before our next start date.

Get Your Financials In Line

cosmetology cost
Bottom line: school costs money. And that cost can vary from school to school, from program to program. Make sure you understand the cost requirement up front and that you are fully aware of any financial aid requirements your school may have. Educators of Beauty participates in the Federal FAFSA program for those who qualify,
and that is a great resource for many students. But sit down with your advisor before hand to get all the facts, and make sure it is the best choice for you.

Be First Day Ready!

ready for cosmetology school
Just like you carefully picked out your outfits for every first day from kindergarten to senior year, so should you here. Just make sure you are aware of any dress codes and requirements. You don’t want to get stuck without non-slip shoes on your first day!

Have The Time of Your Life

fun at beauty school
This is what you want to do. This is your dream. And here you are taking the first steps. It will be hard and there might be days you want to pull your hair out, or days you accidentally dye it pink (not such a bad taboo anymore). And yes, you WILL cut yourself, sometimes more than once in a day. But get ready for the ride of your life! You are one step closer to becoming a style-therapist, a color pro, a scissor queen, a beauty maven.
You are becoming a cosmetologist.

How far into your journey are you? Are you ready to get started? Contact our admissions department today to schedule your tour, and discover the amazing culture at Educators of Beauty.

Why Continuing Education is Important to Cosmetologists

Posted on: February 16th, 2017

Educators of Beauty offers Cosmetology CE courses. You might be wondering what that means, and we’re here to tell you! Cosmetology CE courses are relevant to current cosmetologists and cosmetology instructors. If you’ve yet to get your cosmetology license, these courses don’t apply to you. However, we do offer cosmetology courses that can help you get your license. Click the image below to find out more!

Continuing Education is Important Because:

You Should Always Want to Learn

As a beauty professional, you should always be seeking to learn more. In this industry, techniques and trends are constantly changing. If you refuse to learn, you might just get left behind!

It’s the Law

According to the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, continuing education is required to renew your license. This applies to several beauty professions, but we want to remind our cosmetologists and cosmetology instructors of its importance.

It’s Fun!

Learning is fun! Many cosmetologists and educators love creating, innovating, and being completely unique. To stay on the cutting edge, you’ve got to love what you do. Technical skills can only take you so far. Your passion for your craft is what can make you GREAT!

You Want to Be at the Top of Your Game

The more you know! If you can learn new services, you can potentially offer new services to them. That means you could grow your clientele faster than before, and it could potentially mean you can increase your earnings. You can also make yourself more valuable to employers this way.

Many employers like to see potential employees going the extra mile. You can really prove your dedication and love of cosmetology if you go out of your way to learn more.

Where Do I Get a Continuing Education?

Right here at Educators of Beauty! We offer courses at all three of our locations. We are a State Approved Cosmetology CE Sponsor. Our courses are approved by the Illinois Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology Board.

Our goal is to help cosmetologists and instructors renew their licenses in as little time as possible! Interested in attending our courses? Contact us today!

The Right Kind of Resolution

Posted on: December 12th, 2016

It’s that time of year again when New Year’s resolutions are all the hype. From gym memberships to beach bod goals, everyone is in search of the right resolution to make their upcoming year their best yet. This year, dig a little deeper and make some resolutions that will make you feel beautiful…on the inside! Beauty should not only be skin deep, so we have 6 New Year’s resolutions that have nothing to do with your appearance but will make you feel as beautiful as ever.

Stop Worrying What Other People Think

It may sound cliche but it’s important to embrace the skin you’re in and strut your stuff! You will never be able to control other people’s opinions but, you will drive yourself crazy trying. Self-loathing is too exhausting, so cut it out.

Give More Compliments

Does your coworker always seem to have the cutest shoes? TELL HER! It will make her day, and who knows maybe she will even spill all her hacks to finding cheap shoes.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Have you ever heard the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side?” This rings true to all realms of life. The next time you happen to be comparing yourself to others, take a step back and realize that people are probably comparing themselves to you too. So look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful simply because you are YOU.

Give Back

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to make others feel good! Give back this year by lifting others up and volunteering! There are tons of volunteering opportunities in Rockford, Peru, and Sterling! Be a role model, check out the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois here and learn the different ways that you can influence someone’s life. You can give back to those who gave to our country by volunteering with the Veteran’s Drop-in Center in Rockford, visit their volunteer page to see how you can help. The Sterling YMCA helps bring people together and gives them the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Click here to learn how you can be a part of it all.

Laugh As Much As Possible

And we mean really laugh, the deep belly laughs that make you do that little snort that makes you laugh even harder. Something that is really important is the ability to laugh at yourself. Sure, tripping up the stairs on your way into the office was pretty embarrassing but you have to admit that it was a little funny too. Laugh it off and don’t let it ruin your day!

Learn Something New

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Make a promise to yourself this year to expand your knowledge and skills. Do you have a niche for beauty and think that it’s something you’d like to learn more about? Check out our programs page to learn about getting an education in cosmetology.

Do you have some resolutions of your own? Tell us in the comments!

Are Night Classes Right for You? Quiz!

Posted on: November 23rd, 2016

Have you ever thought about taking night classes? Our quiz will tell you if an evening/night class is your perfect fit!

If you’re interested in learning more about our night classes, check out our blog, and make sure to see our cosmetology program page. Ready to begin your educational journey? Contact us!

Nighttime Cosmetology Classes and Their Benefits

Posted on: November 23rd, 2016

At Educators of Beauty, we realize that students are all unique individuals. Not everyone can work on a daytime schedule or in a traditional classroom. That’s why we offer a student-involved curriculum and nighttime classes for cosmetology hopefuls.

If you know you don’t fit into the traditional, daytime classroom, nighttime classes may be for you. (If you don’t know, make sure to take our quiz!) Here are a few of the benefits to enrolling in a nighttime cosmetology class with Educators of Beauty.

A Diverse Classroom

In a nighttime class you can meet people in all walks of life. The students in the night classes are a lot like you: a non-traditional learner.

More Flexibility

With evening hours, if you wish to keep a full-time day job, you may be able to. A lot of our students also find it easier to arrange childcare during the evening hours.


One of the struggles some students have in morning classes is the inability to wake up! Not all students are morning people, and that’s OK. Nighttime courses allow you to have time to wake up and exercise your brain before class.

A Change

If you want to take a break from the norm, try a night class. Evening classes can change up your schedule from what you are used to. Variety is the spice of life!

Our nighttime schedule goes as follows:
The first part of the program, held in a classroom, will be Monday – Thursday 4:30 PM -9:30 PM. For the second half of the program, where students will work in the student salon, will be Monday – Thursday 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM and Saturday 8 AM – 3:30 PM. This course can be completed in 14 months!

To find out more about our nighttime classes, visit our program information page. If you’re ready to take the leap and apply for our evening cosmetology class, visit our admissions page.