Summer Beauty Trends You Need to Know!

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Summer Beauty Trends You Need to Know!

Posted on: May 20th, 2017

The temperature is steadily rising, creeping closer and closer to that blissful summer that you have been counting down to since the first leaf turned gold last year. Since then your dreams have been full of sun dresses and strappy sandals, and at long last they have almost made their return.
But before you don last year’s floral sundresses, don’t miss out on any of the current styles and trends.

Enjoy the summer and let those colors shine!

Tips for Working With Brides

Posted on: May 5th, 2017

Weddings are a life changing experience. It is a day that is looked forward to by little girls and boys from the moment they know what a wedding is. They play dress-up and dream about the tiny details from the the shoes to the dress. Every aspect is planned out. As a hairstylist it could be your job to make sure that one of the most important aspects is in place: the hair.
Working with brides can be some of the most trying, but rewarding, work a hairstylist can do. If you are heading into this competitive marketplace here are some tips to not only help make the work easier, but to work with brides on their best and worst days.

  • Trial Fun!

    Bridal hair tipsAbout a month before the big day you are going to want to sit down with your bride and talk about what her visions are for her look, and most importantly plan any sorts of dye jobs and cuts that will be needed before hand. Try a style or two until you find one your bride loves, but don’t forget to time yourself so you know how much time to plan on the big day.

  • It’s All in the Details

    Bridal hair tipsSpeaking of that trial run, make sure your bride brings any accessories with her that she will be using. From clips to veils, you will need it all, as what will be used is going to impact your style, and how it will look. In addition, ask your bride to bring a white blouse with her as it will help her (and you) to envision how things will look on the day.

  • Work Out The Fine Print

    Once you have settled on the brides’ perfect style, it’s time to work out those wedding day plans. Determine if she is coming to you, or you to her. Are you doing just her hair, or the entire wedding party’s? All of this is important and needs to be hammered out so as to avoid bumps in the road.

  • Prepare For The Hurricane

    Bridal hair tips

  • The day is here! While you have planned and prepped, you still need to be prepared for anything to arise, from not having enough bobby pins, to needing to re-plan the entire do on the fly. Pack extras and emergency supplies to ensure you are ready for anything that comes up. Hair might not be the only thing that is falling apart, however,
  • Care For Your Bride

    Bridal hair tipsNo matter how much planning goes into a wedding, they are stressful, and having a bride that is a little frayed at the seams is to be expected. Outbursts, tears, and even some screaming is a possibility, but remember not to take things personally. It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile either and bring a little something, like a small gift or relaxing music, to help ease the tension.

Get ready to spend amazing days with some amazing people as you witness lives changing and growing. Wedding season is here, and with a few bobby pins and a lot of hairspray you can make it amazing for a blushing bride near you.



If you are a bride looking for a gorgeous style, consider scheduling a consultation with one of our amazing students.

It’s Time to Get Prom Ready

Posted on: March 17th, 2017

Prom season is upon us. Dresses have gone up in store windows, the limos are getting booked, plans are being made and promposals are in full swing.
If you haven’t found yourself plunged into the craziness that is prom preparation, there is still time to dive in head first. If you have been avoiding it altogether, however, we have put together a checklist that will help you get through it all with ease, and create the prom of your dreams. No matter if you are ready to party, or ready to run and hide, prom is here.
Let’s get started.



Plan. Plan. Plan.

planning for prom
Prom is often associated with being the biggest event of your high school career. An event so big you will reminisce about it for years with friends, and embarrass your kids with the regalia in years to come. As with any event of this magnitude, planning is the first step to making it great.
Planning can be as simple as writing down ideas in notebook. If you need something more, however, using a website like Pinterest or WeHeartIt can help you to organize your thoughts visually, and maybe even find some amazing dress designs that you hadn’t even thought of before.


Grab Your Dream Date

Prom date
Even before you have started planning I am sure you have already been lost to daydreams of the perfect prom night, and the perfect person you want to spend it with. No matter who they be, don’t be afraid to take control and ask them – don’t let gender stereotypes and social norms stop you from creating the night you want.


Don Your Best Dress

prom shoes
Beyond planning, beyond your date, the most important thing in your prom planning adventure is what you will be wearing. No matter if it’s a dress or a tux, it’s going to take time to find the perfect one, order it, and even get the alterations done. Make sure you shop early so as to avoid any pitfalls, and risk being dress-less on the big day.


Let’s Coordinate!

Prom Party
Now that you have your dress, tux, date, and/or group, you are ready to dig in and fully plan. Prom is so much more that just the clothes after all, and this is when the fine details begin to fall into place. Get together with your prom party and start to plan out your dream evening, from limos to that new sushi place you’ve been eyeing for months. Don’t forget hair and make-up appointment either – it’s all important! Plus, you can hit some of the local schools for an appointment in the student salon, save some money and still look your best.

Now is the time to get it all together, and don’t forget to make your reservations!


Prep and Play!

prom spa

The day is finally here, and all that is left is the finer details. Make your perfect prom into the perfect weekend and invite your girls over for pizza and facials. Just don’t stay up too late, you need your beauty sleep after all.

Pack the Essentials

prom clutch
Before you head out the door grab the clutch you bought to perfectly match your dress and fill with everything you will need. From safety pins to that strap that just won’t stay put, blotting papers, and bobby pins for stray hairs, you don’t want to be caught without. If you aren’t sure what to put in your emergency kit, check out our checklist below.


You’ve made it.

You are ready for prom. Everything is in place, and the perfect night is ready to be had. Whether you started out as a hot mess, or an excited participant, this is sure to be the night of your life.

Just for you, we have made a checklist to help you get through this hectic time!